Papua Diving Resorts – Raja Ampat – Indonesia

10 reasons to choose us

Your holiday –
a rest from which you return, both invigorated and inspired.

What’s your picture of a perfect diving holiday? Great dives, caring buddies, delicious food , …all in all: memories that last long beyond your tan line.

For those who wish to escape from clutter and everyday routine, our resorts offer a true chance. We don’t impress with pretentious wines and city cuisine. We don’t import fancy coffee and water brands just for the mark-up. We cut down our excesses to focus on you: our guest and our environment: the richest reefs of the world

Actually there are many reasons to stay with us. But as we want to create a simpler, not a less valuable vacation from which you return, we have collected 10 reasons for staying with us.

01 The setting

Within a few minutes after each dive you will be relaxing on a tropical island paradise.

We are located in the centre of the Raja Ampat Marine park. This area has been declared a “no take” zone and the reefs in close proximity to our resorts are regarded the best dive sites of Raja Ampat – most within 1 to 15 minutes from our jetties. Our accomodations are scattered along the shoreline of the beach, where pristine forest meets the sandy fringes of the ocean. The island pace is unhurried…the beaches white…the water azure blue.

02 Our experience

Max Ammer, the founder of Papua Diving, pioneered diving in Raja Ampat over 20 years ago.

Our guides, all Papuans, are the most experienced of Raja Ampat. This is their home and they have dived their backyard gift for many years. In addition to guiding our international guests, we are continously guiding expedition groups, film crews, world famous photographers, cruise boats, scientists, researchers and journalists.

03 Our proximity

Thanks to our central location and proximity to Sorong.

Our transfers to the resorts are a short journey of about 1.5 hours only

04 Our footprint

We can’t always promise clear skies but, with your help, we can guarantee a clear conscience.

We care about the islands that are home to its properties – Since 1993 Papua Diving has been pro-active in conservation initiatives and working with the local Papuan communities. Papua Diving donates 10% of its profit to support local communities and conservation initiatives. We employ more local Papuan people than any other operator, meaning about 90% of our staff are local Papuans. Offering them a healthier and better livelihood is only one of a number of measures we’re putting in place to help us leave a lighter footprint. Together, we can do our bit to conserve this amazing area and its inhabitants – both: above & below

05 Worldrecord house reef

Less than 1 minute from the resorts is the famous ‘Cape Kri’ reef which holds the World’s Record for the highest number of fish species ever counted.

The record stands from 2012 when Dr. G. Allen counted 374 different species in one single dive – The shear number of fish is mind-blowing.

06 Proven safety record

In over 20 years of service we pride ourselves on an excellent safety record.

We have a range of safety provisions including, procedures, comprehensive equipment, and staff training.

07 Free Nitrox

We like to extend your bottom time

Not only is it easy to reach the “No Decompression limits” on repetitive dives using regular Air, Nitrox will ensure you get the most out of your bottom time.

08 Island kitchen

We cater for all tastes and provide a healthy fusion of western and Indonesian dishes.

Our kitchen will serve familiar dishes but will also offer you the chance to discover new local dishes and tropical fruits and vegetables.

09 The atmosphere

A real beach home away from home

Moments matter – and our many returning guests proof that we aim to deliver an excellent service.

10 Our Papuan Team

You will get to know some of the friendliest people on the planet.