Papua Diving Resorts – Raja Ampat – Indonesia

About us

1 island, 2 resorts

Max Ammer, the founder of Papua Diving, first came to the region over 21 year ago following his passion to search for submerged World War II aircraft. After spending so much time in Raja Ampat Max fell in love with the Papuan people and started a number of initiatives to support the local Papuan communities. Papua Diving was one of the projects. It’s mission: to bring much needed money to the local people by enabling divers who had never heard of the region to be amazed by the wonders of the unspoiled aquatic world here.

Unique knowledge and insights about the area

Papua Diving is unique when compared to other land based and liveaboard operators in Raja Ampat. Not only thanks to our outstanding location – Today we may pride ourselves of having an unique knowledge about the area thanks to working so closely together with the Papuan people for many years. Choosing to stay with Papua Diving is more than an amazing tropical island and aquatic world experience. You will also directly contribute to local marine & community conservation activities. Compared to other operators in the area, we still stand by our credentials as:

  • the being the pioneering hence the most experienced operator in Raja Ampat
  • providing employment to more papuan people than other operators (90% of our staff are papuan)
  • donating 10% of profit to conservation initiatives
  • in addition to direct donations we invest more money into the local economy and other practical assistance to local communities
  • we actively set up and support conservation initiatives and projects

Max Ammer

Max Ammer

Many of the today`s famous dive sites were discovered by Max and our team and retain the original names he gave them. The whole of our dive team are Papuan people. Many of them were previously fisherman that used highly destructive methods such as dynamite fishing or shark finning. Now they are amongst some of the most conscientious conservationists in the region helping to clean and monitor the marine park protected zones.

Today, he spends most of his time on the island between international meetings and expeditions into the interior of Papua.

Meet him at Sorido Bay Resort, as his main office is in the Raja Ampat Research and Conservation centre.


Kri Eco Resort’s managers

Nicolas Fourgaut

For a long time, the main interest of Nicolas from Burgundy, France, was wine, until he found a real passion in 2008 when he became a diver in Kho Tao, Thailand.

Soon after he left his wine coast for more tropical latitudes, he became a dive instructor and met his wife Tatiana. Since then, they have been going from sea to sea in The Maldives, Caribbean, Brazil, and of course Indonesia, always looking for more wonderful subaquatic encounters.

Nicolas is a nature lover: besides discovering the underwater wonders, on land, he loves the snow and trees. Being the richest house reef in the world and having a wide variety of wildlife on land, Raja Ampat is a perfect paradise for him.

Favourite sea creature seen so far: Great Hammerhead

Tatiana Nagao

While growing up in the Brazilian city of Curitiba, Tatiana heard people asking her: “Why are you always buying so many Havaianas and bikinis? We are in a cold inland city far from the sea.” The answer was: “One day, I will work by the sea, and it will be my work uniform”.

After 10 years travelling around the world, in 2010, Tatiana became a dive instructor and finally confirmed what she could already feel since a young age. Since then, she has already worked in eight different islands spread over the world, and she is always looking forward to the next dive. That is why Tatiana chose Raja Ampat as her new home. Here she can find, arguably, the best dives in the world!

An interesting fact about Tatiana: She never wears a wetsuit.

Favourite sea creature seen so far: Manta Ray