Sea animals ornament vector
Sea animals ornament vector

Education Center

Providing education to the local people and younger generation for a better future for Raja Ampat

Endangered Sharks

Collaboration with Re-shark in restoring zebra sharks population in Raja Ampat

Community and Social Development

Training the locals in woodworking and building the first fiberglassed boats and kayaks in Raja Ampat

A Scuba Diver writing underwater in Raja Ampat

Facilitating Research

Facilitating scientists, conservationists and documentary filmmakers

Protecting Raja Ampat

Coral reef restoration and patroling the area for illegal operations

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Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Center (RARCC)

A majority of Papua Diving’s net profit goes to the RARCC to introduce community-based initiatives, as well as facilitate students, researchers, and scientists in Raja Ampat.

Sea animals ornament vector
Fish vector as the main icon of Papua diving Education Center

Batanta Education Center

Batanta Education Center was established to provide the necessary education for the children of a remote village in Sauwandarek, where they now have a total of 3 classrooms, 3 teachers and 66 students.

Fish vector as the main icon of Papua diving Zebra Shark Nursery


The first zebra shark hatchery in Raja Ampat was built here on Kri island, where the eggs hatched three zebra shark pups, which became juveniles that are now tagged and released in Raja Ampat.

School of Batfish in Kri Island - Raja Ampat

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