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Our Foundation


A majority of Papua Diving’s net profit goes to the RARCC to introduce community-based initiatives, as well as facilitate students, researchers, and scientists in Raja Ampat.


Education Center

Providing education to the local people and younger generation for a better future for Raja Ampat.

Measuring zebra shark at RARCC hatchery

Endangered Sharks

Collaboration with Re-shark in restoring zebra sharks population in Raja Ampat.

Community and Social Development

Training the locals in woodworking and building the first fiberglassed boats and kayaks in Raja Ampat.

Protecting Raja Ampat

Coral reef restoration and patrolling the area for illegal operations.

A Scuba Diver writing underwater in Raja Ampat

Facilitating Research

Facilitating scientists, conservationists and documentary filmmakers.

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Our Culture

Protecting Cultural Heritage

Both Kri Eco and Sorido Bay Resorts utilize Papuan techniques for the building of bungalows and accommodations, making use of local materials from the area. Our resorts boast the intricate designs and unique architecture characteristic of Papuan traditional houses.

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Our Commitment

Green Fins

Papua Diving is a member of Green Fins and has adopted its mission statement "to protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving and snorkelling tourism industry.”

Lius and Nathan Raja Ampat piooneer dive guides
From Zero to Hero

Dive Guide Training

Raja Ampat has a history of shark finning as one of the people's main sources of income. Papua Diving seeks to equip the local people with more sustainable practices, such as training them to be dive guides.

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Our Efforts

Coral Plantation

Raja Ampat is rich with diversity which we seek to protect. Together with MARS, our dive guides have been trained through the Mars Assisted Reef Restoration System to learn the best practices to conserve the marine ecosystem.

School of Batfish in Kri Island - Raja Ampat

Support our conservation projects here in Raja Ampat by staying with Papua Diving Resorts