Papua Diving Resorts – Raja Ampat – Indonesia


Only when the local people can directly benefit from this industry will they have a reason to protect their surroundings.

Together to protect nature

Since 1993 we have formed close working relationships with Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, WWF and some of the local NGO’s. We take initiative in conservation and strive to create alternatives among others in the form of sustainable marine tourism industry initiatives. Having indigenous communities participate in tourism projects we see as the key solution to conserve the Raja Ampat.

Awarded “Visionary Conservationist”

In June 2015 Conservation International awarded Max Ammer – Founder and owner of Papua Diving Resorts and the RARCC- for the tireless and ongoing conservation efforts in Raja Ampat


(Raja Ampat Research Conservation Centre)

The RARCC is in close proximity to Sorido Bay Resort and is taking several initiatives in conservation.