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Where To Dive



Holding the world record with 374 fish species seen on single dive by Dr. Gerry Allen, Cape Kri should be on every diver's bucket list.


Myriad soft corals and swathes of staghorn coral make for one of the most colourful dives in Raja Ampat.

Manta Ridge


As the name suggests, it is a reef that is truly magic in the blue. Home to a diverse range of schooling fish species, it is also a location where Wobbegong sharks are commonly found. And if all of that was not enticing enough, Blue Magic is also a cleaning station for the Oceanic (Giant) Manta Rays.

Coral Reefs in Raja Ampat


A reef so full with fish life that it leaves you in awe. From hunting reef sharks and pelagics all looking to capatilize on the sheer amount of fish found on this reef, it is no wonder Sardines is guest favorite and requested time and time again. Besides the Pelagics, there is also a good amount of macro life such a pygmy seahorses.

manta ray papua diving


To see manta rays from the top or the bottom, that is the question! Snorkelers and divers can watch as manta rays swoop around this site, stopping off at bommies where small fish offer a cleaning service.

Diver's Paradise

"One of my favorite places to dive in Raja Ampat is Cape Kri. Over a decade ago, years before Raja became the place to dive in the world, I counted 327 fish species on a single dive there. I went back about two years ago and couldn’t believe the positive changes on the site. Most impressionable to me was the fact that the fish had become accustomed to divers. I didn’t even have to look for fish. They found me!


The survey was the highest species count I’ve ever tallied on one dive, 374 distinct species in 90 minutes!"


— Dr. Gerry Allen

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Learn To Dive


We are PADI 5* Dive Resorts and offer a range of dive courses. Our instructors are all experienced PADI Professionals with years of experience. Enroll in a PADI Dive Course during your well deserved tropical holiday and experience an underwater paradise unique to the coral triangle.

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What To Expect


Raja Ampat is world renowned for its rich marine biodiversity and stunning underwater landscapes: vibrant coral reefs, diverse marine life, and crystal-clear waters. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, Raja Ampat offers a range of dive sites suitable for all levels. Papua Diving uses a diver-to-guide ratio of 3-1, and as the pioneers of diving in Raja Ampat having discovered most of the famous dive sites in the area, it is little wonder we have become the resort of choice for diving enthusiasts and documentary groups.

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Diving Excursions and Nitrox

Boat Dives

Nitrox is free of charge for certified “Enriched air” divers. Daily 3 guided boats dives per day plus an optional night/dusk dive. This is usually planned as 2 dives in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and if requested an additional sunset or night dive. The service operates 6 days a week Saturday evening to Friday afternoon every week.

soft corals on yenbuba jetty raja ampat
Diving on Saturdays

Jetty Dive

Saturday is our de-gas and drying equipment day for guests flying on Sundays. Guests with the unlimited diving package are invited to dive as much as they like from the jetty. Guests without unlimited diving package will be charged the regular rate per dive. Boat Diving will be available at 7pm on Saturday.

Fluo diving at Papua Diving
Night Diving

Fluorescence Diving

Dive into the night with a specialized blue light to illuminate the world around you! Discover the world of psychedelic neon colors, where all the critters and coral you've come to know will glow in incredible hues of pink, orange, green, and blues.

blackwater diving in raja ampat
Night Diving

Blackwater Diving

Diving offshore in the open ocean to uncover a diverse range of creatures you have likely never seen before.

Dive Safety and Regulations

Diving Insurance

We are ambassadors of Diver Alert Network (DAN) World. Dive insurance is mandatory and if you are not holding a dive insurance yet you can purchase a short term membership upon arrival at the resort. For all members: please bring your insurance card along as we will be checking those during check-in. Click here to view our rates.

Dive Equipment

Papua Diving has full sets of rental equipment available for hire, including reef hooks. All equipment is serviced biannually with our dive tanks and also within hydro testing dates as specified by Indonesian law. By staying within these standards and servicing our equipment on a regular basis, we can ensure you can focus on having a good dive and holiday experience.

Marine Park Permit

All divers and non divers visiting Raja Ampat are required by the regional government to pay an entrance fee for the marine park. This contributes towards the management and monitoring of the park. We provide permits to our guests upon arrival unless already aquired.

Full-Day and Half-Day Tours


In addition to your diving adventure at Papua Diving Resorts, we offer the options of half and full-day excursions to visit the beautiful islands of Raja Ampat. You will get a true underwater and above-water Raja Ampat experience.

Beautiful landscape taken by Papua Diving team

Hidden Bay, Mushroom Islands

a mangrove system of clear mirror-still blue water, where soft corals grow on the roots of mangrove trees.

P-47 Plane Wreck

A P47D fighter airplane that crashed during World War II in 1944 and remains in perfect condition until today.

Pianemo Geosite Islands Aerial Photo

Fam Islands

White limestone cliffs plunge into the sea, ultramarine blue lagoons are nestled next to monumental pinnacles and untouched beaches.

school of fish with diver underwater in blue ocean