Papua Diving Resorts – Raja Ampat – Indonesia


Kri Island is home to an amazingly diverse flora and fauna.

Take a break from the ocean and have a walk. Be amazed by the variety of wildlife on land.

Furry marsupials
The cutest inhabitants of the island are propably the Cuscuses. These furry marsupials are nocturnal and can often be spotted during dinnertime when they come to visit the restaurant or walk along the rooftops trying to steal a banana which they love eating. If you are lucky you may even encounter our domestic Tree kangaroo “Stinky”

Home to many birds.
From Lorikeets, Eclectic parrots, Kookaburras and Paradise Kingfishers to Glossy mantled manucodes and Cockatoos – all live on Kri.
Don’t forget to bring walking shoes, your binoculars and – of course – your camera.

Flower Power
Kri grounds are covered with wild orchids. Several species are to be found during a walk on the island.

Monitor lizards are widely found on the island. Although they might look a bit unfriendly, they are very shy and absolutely not dangerous. Often you can find them along the walkways or just watch them sunbathing on the beach

Coconut crabs

Although listed as endangered species, they are still abundant on Kri Island. Nocturnal by nature they will only come out at nightime to feed on coconuts. It is hard to believe, but among the closest relatives of this massive crustacean is the itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny hermit crab. Don’t believe it? Take a closer look at a little hermit crab and it looks a lot like its larger cousin … only smaller, of course.


Birdwatching excursion

This cruise is undertaken every saturday just before sunset or in the afternoon. We will visit a small neighbouring village by boat (30 min boat trip) followed by 30 minute hike to the birding location to see the endemic Red Bird of Paradise. This trip is complementary (free boat transfer to starting point of the start of the 30 minute hike to the birding location) however each participant is kindly requested to leave a donation to protect the birds and assist in local healthcare initiatives. Bring binoculars and walking shoes! Different birdwachting excursions are possible upon special request.