Papua Diving Resorts – Raja Ampat – Indonesia

Kayak 4 conservation

   Pointing towards sustainable tourism

Kayak 4 Conservation is a community based initiative founded by Papua Diving in order  to support local economy.

The partnership with the local homestays directly supports those communities and helps them to participate in sustainable tourism by supporting them with setting up their own little business. A series of locally owned guest houses have been selected to welcome sea kayakers to relax and spend the nights, without hauling around any large camping gear.

Kayaks ‘Made in papua’

Honoring our founding vision, the fiberglass team is composed of four Papuans, which were offered an alternative livelihood by building these kayaks. Kayak4conservation and RARCC’s mission, is to serve as a development institution for local people of Raja Ampat’s archipelago.

If you are interested in exploring central Raja Ampat by seakayak:

Visit for more information.

Kayak 4 Conservation can help you set your barings and provide you with all the information and gear needed to explore the Central Raja Ampat region.