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Explore even more of Raja Ampat

For those that can’t get enough we do offer half/and full day excursions. You will get a true under and above water Raja Ampat experience. Not only will you get to dive but also discover remote islands and set foot on land for a picnic or some sightseeing.

mantaManta Point – Manta Sandy (Dive or Snorkeling)

If the many reefs are not enough this area also boasts with some of the best manta diving in the world! Manta Sandy is a cleaning station visited by reef mantas (Manta alfredi) that are vying for a position above the two rocks where wrasses clean these giants. We also get enormous 4 meter wide black reef mantas, looking like a negative photographic image, their gills are highlighted in white, along with the other more common white-bellied variety.

If the many reefs are not enough this area also boasts some of the best manta diving in the world! 

hiddenbayHidden Bay (Tour & Snorkeling)

Just 10 minutes away from The Passage lies a mangrove system of clear mirror-still blue water, where soft corals grow on the roots of mangrove trees. Rising above the foliage hornbills and parrots swoop between the trees. Hidden Bay is a complex network of interconnected water channels and lakes. Looking into the water one can spot huge chocolate chip sea stars laying between the seagrass that grows next to corals normally only seen on outer reefs.

passageThe Passage (Dive or Snorkeling)

This utterly unique dive site, located 1 hour away from Kri Island, lies between the island of Gam and Waigeo. It can be described as river flowing between the two islands. The nutrient rich waters that are drawn through by the tides feed a vast wealth of marine biodiversity. Above water the sheer limestone cliffs make this a place excessively beautiful. There really is no other dive site in the world like this.

This is a place where experienced divers and photographers enjoy the superbly different experience of diving in this truly one-of-a-kind location.

famFam Island (Tour & Dive )

These islands are the very definition of paradise. White limestone cliffs plunge into the sea. Ultramarine blue lagoons are nestled next to monumental pinnacles and untouched beaches. There are many places that claim to be this beautiful, but this is the genuine article. Located about 1,5h boat ride from Kri Island, Fam Island has some of the most beautiful coral gardens and walls in Raja Ampat, combined with stunning viewpoints on land.

A fantastic place – both above and below- as you will be cruising along, discovering beaches or climbing little mountains.

p47Wai Island (Tour & Dive )

Just a 30 min boat ride from Kri Island, you will get to dive one of the few diveable wrecks in the area. It is a P47D fighter airplane (approx. length 15m) which crashed during World War II in 1944 and until today remains in perfect condition and shows excellent coral growth and marine life. Located on a slope that gently runs from Wai island it extends from 26 – 33 m depth.

A definite must-do for wreck lovers!

waterfallBatanta (Tour & Dive)

Batanta, the smallest of the “Four King”, is renowned to be the macro diving spot in Raja Ampat. Giving each diver an excellent opportunity for critter hunting. Lots of little freshwater channels carrying nutrients in and out of its bays, blended with a substrate of silt, mud, black sand, and all this mixed with a diversity of soft and hard corals. A perfect hiding place for all kinds of weird creatures. A wonderful waterfall is also waiting for you in the heart of the tropical forest. Many colorful butterflies in different sizes along with the sound of chirping birds are welcoming you during your way up to a 60 meter high and 25 meter wide fresh waterfall where you have the opportunity to have a refreshing swim.

A must for all true nature lovers!


Red Bird of Paradise
This cruise* is undertaken just before sunset or in the afternoon. You will visit a small neighbouring village by boat (30 min boat trip) followed by 30 minute hike to the birding location to see the endemic Red Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea rubra). There is a very good chance to see Hornbills (Aceros plicatus), Eclectus parrot (Eclectus rorartus) and other birds species as well. Don’t forget to bring binoculars and walking shoes!

Different birdwachting excursions are possible upon special request.

A sure must-do for all bird and nature lovers.

All excursions are weather, tides and current dependend and hence cannot be booked in advance. Please note that all excursions require a min. of 4 participating guests. For all excursions a fee applies. All guests staying at least 1 week will receive a free full day excursion (including Manta – Hidden Bay – Passage & Mushroom Island) If there’s something else you’d wish to explore, just let us know. We have guided many scientists & film crews and know the area like no one else.

* each participant is kindly requested to leave a donation to protect the birds and assist in local healthcare initiatives.