Papua Diving Resorts – Raja Ampat – Indonesia


  • Papua Diving takes diving safety seriously. With over 20 years of experience in Raja Ampat we have a proven safety record.
  • Emergency Oxygen kit, First aid kit, essential tools and GPS are standard on the boats.
  • The quality of our diving gases are conform to international standards.
  • We operate Bauer compressors for filling our tanks
  • We aim for Nitrox 32 and use continuous blending with each fill logged. Each Nitrox diver must analyse their own cylinder and log the cylinder before use. We provide facilities to calibrate the analyser before use.
  • All our dive guides are certified by internationally accredited training bodies (including PADI).
  • Please be aware that we are located in a remote area and your safety and health are of highest importance, and we recommend that you take all safety precautions. It is mandatory that divers have insurance that covers diving emergencies and treatment.
  • The closest recompression chamber is in Malalayang Hospital, Manado. We encourage our divers to dive conservatively and to stay within no-decompression diving limits.
  • Every diver must have a personal dive computer.
  • We encourage divers to make use of the free Nitrox for added safety. Nitrox courses are available at the resorts and typically take about 3 hours to complete.
  • If you have not dived within the last 12 months or have logged less than 50 dives a Refresher course is mandatory.
    The refresher is ideal if you have had a short break from diving or if you are a newly qualified diver that has not been diving for a few months. It allows you to recollect your skills and theory and promotes your safety as a diver.
    At the cost of 50 euro, the Refresher Program will be added to any dive package of your choice.

Shorterm dive insurance

  • Dive insurance is mandatory.
    We are ambassadors of Diver Alert Network DAN World and if you are not holding a dive insurance yet you can purchase a short term membership upon arrival at the resort.
    For all members: please bring your insurance card along as we will be checking those during check-in.

nitrox for free