Papua Diving Resorts – Raja Ampat – Indonesia


Just a few fin kicks of the shore and from the jetty you can discover the beauty of our reef.

There’s plenty of fantastic snorkelling around

Just off our Jetty you can see

  • Blue spotted stingrays
  • Blacktip reef sharks
  • Turtles
  • Scorpion- and Crocodile fish
  • Batfish and schools of Jackfish
  • School of Bumphead parrot Fish

Or how about a night snorkel – almost always you will meet the endemic Papuan Bamboo Shark (Epaulette Shark)

A very exciting thing to do is to snorkel with the Manta Rays.

Once a week we head out to encounter those gentle giants. If you like and space permits you can also join the dive boat to snorkel other places nearby. Therefore we offer special guided snorkelling packages. However not all dive sites are suitable for snorkelling though. We will advise which spots are suited for you and which are not.

If you love the ocean and like going bubble free

You might be interested in enrolling a PADI Free Diver course.
Free diving or breath-hold diving is the practice of making dives in the ocean on one breath. You think that’s crazy and you are not able to stay down long enough. The course will teach you to extend your breath holding capabilities. You will surprise yourself.

The peace, calm and quiet underwater without bulky and noisy equipment, is freedom itself and you won’t scare the wildlife either.