Papua Diving has been introducing conservation and community-based initiatives in Raja Ampat since 1993.

Being the pioneers who have been diving in Raja Ampat for over 20 years, we worked with the local people from day one. We created an alternative for destructive livelihood gathering. Several of our staff have been involved in illegal logging, blast fishing, shark finning, and turtle poaching before they were offered new positions in our team. Their experience helps us understand and counter these problems.

The RARCC Foundation aims to:

  • Protect and preserve the natural heritage of the Raja Ampat archipelago
  • Encourage, assist, and facilitate research on the flora and fauna
  • Combat poverty among the local population
  • Teaching the local community member in sustainable use of their natural resources
  • Promoting green awareness among the local population
  • Assist the local population to work in sustainable tourism
  • Promote the Raja Ampat to actively engage more institutions, companies and individuals with similar goals to work together in this unique area

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Protecting Raja Ampat: