Looking for a luxury Raja Ampat resort for your next Papuan adventure? At Sorido Bay Resort, you can experience unmatched indulgence amidst nature, embarking on thrilling escapades and returning to a sanctuary of rest and relaxation. Here, you’ll find outstanding service and top-notch modern amenities. In our thoughtfully appointed and elegantly designed eco-luxury bungalows, you can unwind amidst the finest, crafted furnishings, gleaming hardwood floors, and premium linens, tapestries, and artwork. Where, outside, you can explore Raja Ampat’s wild and beautiful landscape. 

In addition to being Kri Island’s only luxury Raja Ampat resort, Sorido Bay Resort places sustainability and conservation at the forefront. We spearhead a number of initiatives through our non-profit organization Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Center (RARCC), and work hand-in-hand with local and international conservation groups to ensure continuous conservation efforts here in Raja Ampat.

Discover Sorido Bay Resort Raja Ampat

Located on breathtaking Kri Island in the southern part of Raja Ampat, Sorido Bay Resort is a luxury Raja Ampat resort, with bungalows and rooms proudly built with the locals using impressively strong and sustainable traditional Papuan methods, utilizing the highest quality local materials. The resort comprises seven spacious bungalows nestled along the beachfront on a backdrop of lush, jungle-covered cliffs. Each bungalow is fitted with air conditioning and a veranda overlooking the sparkling turquoise waters and vibrant house reef.

Here at Sorido Bay Resort, guests can let go and unwind, leaving the stresses of city life behind. Our luxury Raja Ampat resort comes complete with modern amenities such as an open-air restaurant that overlooks the bay and surrounding islands. Guests can indulge in a mix of Western and Indonesian dishes made with the freshest local ingredients, fresh seafood, and local fruits and vegetables. Meals are served buffet style, with options to satisfy a variety of tastes and dietary needs. There’s also a bar for wine and beer, fresh juices, mocktails, and other non-alcoholic beverages.

Those looking to relax with a much-deserved pampering can make a booking at our resort spa, The Healing Hut, and choose from an array of rejuvenating head-to-toe treatments including aromatherapy massages, facials, and reflexology.

Activities At Sorido Bay Resort Raja Ampat

Activities At Sorido Bay Resort Raja Ampat

Diving is a must while in Raja Ampat, and guests of Sorido Bay Resort can explore the rich diversity of Raja Ampat’s underwater world. Our five-star PADI Dive Resort is in the most popular Raja Ampat dive sites including Cape Kri, Sardines, Blue Magic, Melissa’s Garden and more. We offer boat dives, jetty dives, fluorescence diving, and blackwater diving, as well as PADI courses with professional PADI instructors.

Snorkeling is also a great option for guests who don’t want to dive. Sorido Bay Resort is located within the Dampier Strait, which is protected all year long from harsh winds and choppy currents. Explore Friwen Bonda, Mike's Point, Melissa's Garden, Sauwandarek Jetty, Yenbuba Jetty, Kri Jetty, and the famous Cape Kri, right next to Sorido Bay Resort.

Sea kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding also remain top favorites among our guests. From our vantage location right on the sand, guests can go straight into the water and paddleboard or sea kayak around Kri Island, or go to the famous sand bar in Raja Ampat, right in front of our resort. You can quietly glide on the surface of the world's most biodiverse marine environment with dazzling coral reefs teeming with colorful fish and sea creatures right beneath you.

Bird lovers can spot feathered beauties on Kri Island, such as the Paradise Kingfisher, Glossy-Mantled Manucode, Rufous-Bellied Kookaburra and more. Want to see Raja Ampat’s famous endemic Bird of Paradise? Join our weekly birding tour to a neighboring village by boat, where the proceeds of the trip go to the local guides. 

Other exciting activities at our luxury Raja Ampat resort include wildlife spotting, waterfall trekking and island hopping to Mushroom Islands and Fam Islands. Excursions to local Papuan villages can also be arranged.

Conservation Efforts At Sorido Bay Resort

Conservation Zebra Shark

Sustainable tourism is a big part of Sorido Bay Resort. A portion of our profits goes directly to the RARCC, a conservation arm established in 1993. The RARCC also aims to protect and preserve Raja Ampat’s natural beauty, by encouraging, assisting, and facilitating research on its flora and fauna. The RARCC also has projects that combat poverty among the local population, teach the local communities about sustainable use of their natural resources, promote green awareness among the locals and assist the locals to work in sustainable tourism.

The RARCC works closely with the local Papuan people by providing them with better alternatives and education so that they would abandon destructive practices such as illegal logging, blast fishing, shark finning, or turtle poaching. Other conservation projects include coral farming and coral reef restoration with spectacular environmental growth in our house reef, the richest house reef in the world.

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Sorido Bay Resort on Kri Island is the ultimate luxury Raja Ampat resort for your dream Raja Ampat getaway. Book your Raja Ampat dive trip with us now, for the best rates and inclusions.