Papua Diving Resorts are delighted to announce that we’ve received major recognition for our award-winning commitment to sustainable tourism in Raja Ampat. In a fantastic end to 2023, Papua Diving Resorts was awarded Best Resort In Asia for Preserving Cultural Heritage. This category honors organizations working to promote diversity of cultures and sites at the inaugural EXO Foundation Sustainability Awards

As the pioneers of conservation in Raja Ampat, we are dedicated to preserving the cultural and environmental local heritage through responsible tourism, education and training. And with the help of our partners, we renew our commitment to Raja Ampat conservation through sustainable diving, wildlife conservation, and other community-based initiatives for even bigger and better results in 2024.

Sustainable Tourism In Raja Ampat

Sustainable tourism is a huge part of who we are here at Papua Diving Resorts. We established a conservation arm in 1993 to contribute to sustainable tourism while protecting nature and empowering the local people of Raja Ampat including the following: 

The Raja Ampat Research & Conservation Center (RARCC)


RARCC aims to protect and preserve Raja Ampat’s natural beauty, encourage, assist, and facilitate research on its flora and fauna, combat poverty among the local population, teach the local communities about sustainable use of their natural resources, promote green awareness among the local population and assist the local population to work in sustainable tourism.

At RARCC, we believe that having indigenous communities participate in tourism projects is a key solution to conserving Raja Ampat – from day one we’ve worked closely with the local Papuan people by providing them with better alternatives and education so that they would abandon destructive practices such as illegal logging, blast fishing, shark finning or turtle poaching.

Some projects that we’re currently undertaking include coral farming and coral reef restoration. We’ve seen spectacular environmental growth in our house reef which is now the richest reef in the world. RARCC also facilitates research by students, researchers, and scientists plus supports all work in sustainability and marine conservation in Raja Ampat.

Environmental Projects: With support from Papua Diving Resorts, regular patrols have put an end to shark finning, turtle hunting, and destructive fishing activities while creating awareness amongst guests and staff.

Kayak 4 Conservation: An initiative to promote sustainable tourism in Raja Ampat by creating jobs that adhere to sustainability. We’ll help the local people to start their own businesses by giving them interest-free loans to build homestays.

Community Projects: We teach the villagers how to grow their own crops and harvesting methods with the least possible impact on the environment so that they can supply their families with healthy & fresh foods. We also source vitamins for the local children in the surrounding villages. 

Batanta Education Center: Creating opportunities by providing necessary education for kids in the remote village of Sauwandarek. We've built three classrooms, hired three amazing teachers, and are now proud to have 66 students learning and growing with us.

Re-Shark Project: The first zebra shark hatchery in Raja Ampat was established right here on Kri Island. Three zebra shark pups hatched from the eggs, got their tags, and, when they were ready, we released them into the ocean as cool juveniles.

Sustainable Diving: We work together with dive operators, dive resorts and with the local community in Raja Ampat to adopt and implement sustainable diving practices. This includes using environmentally friendly equipment, minimizing their impact on the environment, and educating customers about marine conservation.

How do you achieve successful sustainable tourism?

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According to UNWTO, these are the 3 focus areas to achieve sustainable tourism:

  1. Make optimal use of environmental resources that constitute a key element in tourism development, maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural heritage and biodiversity.
  2. Respect the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities, conserve their built and living cultural heritage and traditional values, and contribute to intercultural understanding and tolerance.
  3. Ensure viable, long-term economic operations, providing socio-economic benefits to all stakeholders that are fairly distributed, including stable employment and income-earning opportunities and social services to host communities, and contributing to poverty alleviation.

At Papua Diving Resorts, we’ve identified diversity and cultural heritage as the cornerstone of responsible tourism in Raja Ampat. 

Raja Ampat Conservation With Papua Diving Resorts

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Our guests play an important role in sustainable tourism and marine conservation in Raja Ampat when they choose to stay here with us at Papua Diving Resorts.

Stay with us at Papua Diving Resorts and contribute to Raja Ampat conservation with sustainable diving. We’ll take you to explore some of Raja Ampat’s best dive sites including Cape Kri, Melissa’s Garden, Blue Magic, Sardines, and Manta Sandy. Choose from one of two of our beautiful, Papuan-inspired resorts.

Sorido Bay Resort

Ideal for those with a penchant for luxury, Sorido Bay Resort embodies sophistication through its collection of seven exquisite bungalows. Each meticulously designed cottage offers spacious accommodations, accompanied by luxurious en-suite facilities. Whether you prefer the modern touch of air conditioning or the classic charm of ceiling fans, our rooms are equipped to ensure optimal climate control. Moreover, the bungalows include a captivating veranda that provides panoramic views of a vibrant house reef, elevating the indulgent experience for our guests.

Kri Eco Resort

Nestled gracefully along the Dampier Strait, with stunning views of the crystal-clear waters and majestic mountains in the distance, Kri Eco Resort is a beautiful collection of traditional Papuan-style water bungalows. Crafted with care using locally sourced materials, our resort offers three unique room types, ensuring guests enjoy a personalized experience tailored to their preferences.

Dive Raja Ampat

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