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When is the best time to visit?
What is included in the packages?
Is Nitrox available?
I am not a diver. What can I do during my stay?
Is Wi-Fi available?
What valves do you have on your tanks?

What type of electric plug do you have?
What is the Marine Park permit fee?
I am not a diver. Do you offer dive courses?
Do I need to take something special into account if I haven't dived for a while or if I am a newly qualified diver?
What safety equipment you have on the dive boats?
Can I do decompression dives?
Your conservation initiatives interest me. Will I contribute by coming to Kri Island?


How do i get to Kri Island?
How do i book?
What methods of payment can I use?
What about the flights?
What happens when I arrive in Jakarta?
What happens when I arrive in Ujung Pandang (Makassar)?
What happens when I arrive in Sorong?
What day of the week do I need to be in Sorong? (Scheduled boat transfer times)
How long does the transfer to the island take?
What time of day do I arrive on the island?
What time of day do I depart the island?
Can I arrive on a different day of the week?
Do i need a visa?
What do i need to bring along?
What may I leave at home?
What if I get sick or injured?
Should I take precautions for Malaria?
What if my flight is cancelled or delayed?
What is the time zone?

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