When you dream about  a Raja Ampat island excursion, the first attraction that comes to mind is probably vibrant coral reefs and the mesmerizing schools of colorful fish. However, diving is only one aspect of this secluded sanctuary. Raja Ampat, a stunning cluster of islands, lies at the heart of Indonesia's vast archipelago. And where better to anchor your journey than Kri Island, particularly at the luxurious Sorido Bay Resort, where comfort meets the wild. 

The Best Island Base: Kri Island

Sorido Bay Resort

Those in search of tranquility and adventure will find Kri Island, situated on the beautiful Raja Ampat coast, to be an ideal getaway. At Sorido Bay Resort, a hidden gem in this tropical paradise, natural beauty blends seamlessly with elegance. Picture yourself awoken by the calming sound of the ocean washing against the shoreline, ready for numerous adventures.  

The luxury resort in Raja Ampat is a  PADI 5-Star Dive Center, showcasing its commitment to underwater exploration. Every Raja Ampat dive boasts different marine life to be discovered. In addition to scuba diving, guests can enjoy peaceful moments immersed in nature at the resort.  

Staying at Sorido Bay Resort is a journey into paradise, balancing thrilling activities with peaceful relaxation. 

Navigating the Gateway to Paradise 

The difficulty of getting to an island excursion in Raja Ampat adds to the allure of this unexplored gem. Fly to Sorong, the beginning of your adventure that will bring you to the archipelago's wonders. Either you take the ferry to Waisai and go directly to Kri Island or our staff will pick you up in Sorong and take you directly to Kri Island. Every wave you experience on your boat ride to the islands takes  you closer to paradise where the embrace of nature is complete. 

Beyond a Diving Mecca 

The diving locations of Raja Ampat aren't the only reason the islands are famous. The remarkable diversity of marine and land creatures in this area is internationally renowned. Rare birds, curious cuscus, and enormous coconut crabs all call the islands home. Raja Ampat's underwater ecology is also home to a variety of plentiful marine life, making for some very outstanding snorkeling and scuba diving. 

Raja Ampat boasts  extraordinary diversity of fish and other aquatic species because of  its exceptionally untouched marine habitat. Every diving or snorkeling trip is bound to be an unforgettable adventure.

Multiple Islands in the Archipelago 

While Raja Ampat's underwater wonders have received plenty of press, the island day-trips provide a new type of awe. Each island in the archipelago has its own story, marked by hidden coves, lush rainforests, and vibrant local life. The archipelago offers a wide variety of activities, from the well-known Fam Islands to the tranquil kayaking trails surrounding Kri Island. 

The Fam Islands: A Day Trip into the Heart of Beauty

The Fam Islands

When we talk about the Fam Islands, we're referring to that iconic Raja Ampat shot: the breathtaking view that seems almost otherworldly. But pictures can only capture so much. To truly understand the beauty of the Fam Islands, you need to experience it firsthand. And all of that is possible on a day trip from the resorts.  

Imagine yourself on a snorkeling trip in Melissa's Garden's pristine waters or, after visiting the Pianemo Geosite, relaxing on a deserted beach with a picnic. This journey immerses you in the true essence of Raja Ampat's natural beauty, beyond just sightseeing. 

The Mushroom Islands: Where Nature Crafts Its Own Art

The Mushroom Islands

As part of the complimentary full-day excursion for guests staying a full week, the Mushroom Islands are a testament to nature's artistry. The Mushroom Islands, near The Passage, showcase a tranquil mangrove ecosystem. Here, soft corals adorn the mangrove roots, creating a mesmerizing underwater scene.  

Above, the vibrant dance of hornbills and parrots adds life to the lush canopy. Hidden Bay, a labyrinth of water channels and lakes, offers a glimpse into a unique aquatic world, where one can discover sea stars and seagrass thriving alongside corals, typically found only in outer reefs. 

On Land and Sea: The Activities That Define Raja Ampat

The Activities That Define Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat's narrative is not confined to its waters. The archipelago's majesty is showcased from another perspective on the land field trips. On your rainforest trek, you may see the rare tree kangaroo or the common spotted cuscus. In this oasis, where uncommon birds of paradise show themselves in all their glory, birdwatching is more than simply a pastime. 

Water Activities: A Symphony of Blue 

Raja Ampat island activities offer a wide variety of water sports beyond scuba diving. The main goal is to enjoy the serene splendor of the water's surface. On a kayak or stand-up paddleboard, explore the calm waterways and discover the tales of the islands through every ripple and wave. 

Your Invitation to Explore 

Raja Ampat is a journey into some of nature's most exquisite creations. Island tours take you to a world of wonders and memories. And with complimentary  excursions from Sorido Bay Resort, you get a chance to experience the archipelago's beauty in its most authentic form. 

So, whether you're snorkeling in the vibrant shallows, trekking through the lush jungles, or simply soaking in the tranquility of your luxurious resort, remember that Raja Ampat offers a world waiting to be discovered. And it all starts with a room at Sorido Bay Resort. Make a reservation today and start a journey that extends beyond diving, journey into the very heart of paradise.