Raja Ampat’s coral reefs boast the richest marine biodiversity in the world. It’s a treasure trove of natural beauty with an incredible abundance of marine creatures. Its location in the heart of the Coral Triangle and the middle of the Indonesian Throughflow ensures that Raja Ampat’s coral reefs enjoy nutrient-rich waters and  a thriving environment.

The Raja Ampat coral reef is home to over 700 species of coral, 1,300 species of fish, and 600 species of mollusks. There is a single reef in Raja Ampat that houses more diversity than the entire Caribbean combined. Divers, nature enthusiasts, researchers, and holidaymakers can look forward to being blown away by the sheer amount of marine life they’ll encounter when diving at Raja Ampat’s coral reefs. From colorful tropical fishes to pygmy seahorses, sea turtles, manta rays, sharks, and even the tiny nudibranchs and thousands of other macro life, there is something for every diver to enjoy in Raja Ampat.

Sustainable Tourism with Papua Diving Resorts

The health and vitality of the Raja Ampat coral reef is crucial not only for the local marine life, local community, and archipelago but also the entire planet’s wellbeing. It’s a major organ that keeps the earth’s ecosystem running smoothly. Every little living being, from coral to cleaner shrimp, plays a vital role in keeping Raja Ampat’s coral reefs and the planet’s ocean ecosystems in perfect balance and harmony. But according to UNESCO, the earth’s coral reefs could all be destroyed by 2050. In addition to preserving its astounding beauty and diversity, Raja Ampat coral reef conservation is of utmost importance to all of us here at Papua Diving Resorts.

Papua Diving Resorts’ conservation efforts include a whole host of initiatives. We recently announced a collaboration with National Geographic Creative Works X Prada Re-Nylon on a project that explores the dangers facing some of the world’s most delicate ocean and aquatic ecosystems and the ways that local communities are working to leave a positive impact. We hosted the National Geographic Creative Works X Prada Re-Nylon team as they produced  educational videos to increase awareness on Raja Ampat coral reefs, including how they are the rainforest of the ocean, supporting millions of marine species and human livelihoods.

Raja Ampat Conservation with Papua Diving Resorts

Other ocean conservation efforts we undertake here at Papua Diving Resorts include the establishment of the Raja Ampat Research & Conservation Center (RARCC) in 1993 to contribute to sustainable tourism while protecting nature and empowering the local people.

At RARCC, we work closely with the local Papuan people by providing them with sustainable alternatives and education so that they would abandon destructive practices such as illegal logging, blast fishing, shark finning, or turtle poaching. Together with local authorities and the local community, regular patrols have put an end to shark finning, turtle hunting, and destructive fishing activities while creating awareness amongst guests and staff.

Through our efforts in coral farming and coral reef restoration, we’ve seen spectacular environmental growth in our house reef, which is now part of the richest reef in the world. The RARCC also facilitates research for students, researchers, and scientists and supports all work in sustainability & marine conservation in Raja Ampat.

Other conservation efforts at Papua Diving Resorts:

Green Fins: Papua Diving is a member of Green Fins and has adopted its mission statement "to protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving and snorkeling tourism industry.”

Kayak 4 Conservation: An initiative to promote sustainable tourism in Raja Ampat by creating jobs that adhere to sustainability. We’ll help the local people to start their businesses by giving them interest-free loans to build homestays.

Community Projects: We teach the villagers how to grow their own crops and how to harvest with the least possible impact on the environment to supply their families with healthy foods. We also source vitamins for the local children.

Batanta Education Center: Established to provide the necessary education for the children of a remote village in Sauwandarek, where they now have a total of 3 classrooms, 3 teachers, and 66 students.

Re-Shark Project: The first zebra shark hatchery in Raja Ampat was built here on Kri Island - the eggs hatched three zebra shark pups, which were tagged and then released when they became juveniles.

Sustainable Diving: We work together with dive operators, dive resorts, and other tourism businesses in Raja Ampat and with the local community to adopt and implement sustainable diving practices. This includes using environmentally friendly equipment, minimizing effect to the environment, and educating customers about marine conservation.

As the pioneers of Raja Ampat with over 30 years’ presence on the islands, we are dedicated to preserving Raja Ampat coral reef, and cultural and environmental local heritage through responsible tourism, education, and training.

Support Raja Ampat Sustainable Tourism With Papua Diving Resorts

Our guests, directly and indirectly, play a very important role in sustainable tourism for Raja Ampat coral reef and marine conservation when they choose to stay here with us at Papua Diving Resorts. 

Through our efforts in sustainable diving, we’ll take you to explore some of Raja Ampat’s best dive sites including Cape Kri, Melissa’s Garden, Blue Magic, Sardines, and Manta Sandy. Choose from one of two of our beautiful, Papuan-inspired resorts.


Sorido Bay Resort

Sorido Bay Resort

Perfect for those who want a touch of luxury. Sorido Bay Resort is a collection of 7 charming bungalows with spacious rooms and ensuites, each with AC or fan and a veranda that overlooks the Raja Ampat coral reef.


Kri Eco Resort

Kri Eco Resort

Looking out over the dark blue waters and Raja Ampat coral reef of the Dampier Strait and distant mountain ranges, Kri Eco Resort is a cluster of authentic Papuan-style water bungalows built from locally sourced materials with 3 room types to choose from.

Raja Ampat Diving

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