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A week with Larry Tackett

We are happy to welcome a good friend and well-known author Larry Tackett as our guest. He will be staying with us for a week and will be happy to share many of his favorite images and discuss the thoughts and techniques behind them.

He has published several books, such as “Reef Life” and “The Essential Underwater Photography Manual”. His approach to photography centers around the process of ‘making’ images and not just ‘taking’ pictures. We are all awed by the color and variety of marine life we photograph, but many times we find ourselves taking pictures of the exotic when, with some thought and conscious decision making, we can indeed ‘make’ images that are much more than a quick snap would be. Key to this approach patience, understanding composition and color, and knowing something about the behavior of the animals we photograph. Through this approach you can indeed create images that tell a story which your viewers will find more interesting and informative.

We only have 2 rooms left available for the period 13/12 – 20/12 – so you better book fast for an early christmas present!