Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Raja Ampat is guaranteed to take your breath away and capture your heart; here in Indonesia’s furthest corner, you can expect unforgettable experiences both above and underwater.

Diving holidays in Indonesia, are truly a divers dream come true. Indonesia’s gem is a treasure trove of natural beauty, with an abundance of the world’s marine creatures and the rarest birds and wildlife. An untouched corner of the globe, diving holidays in Raja Ampat promise pristine white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, teeming with marine life from the largest to the tiniest thanks to its location in the heart of the Coral Triangle.

Let’s take a look at why Raja Ampat is one of the top diving holidays destinations in Indonesia and the world.

Diving Holidays Raja Ampat

Manta in Raja Ampat

When embarking on a diving holiday to Raja Ampat, you can expect to be blown away by the sheer volume of marine life you’ll encounter from pygmy seahorses to turtles, manta rays, sharks, and even the tiny nudibranchs and thousands of other macro life. 

Raja Ampat is located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, a region known for its incredible marine biodiversity, home to over 700 species of coral, 1,300 species of fish, and 600 species of mollusks. This makes it one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, and the perfect Indonesian diving holiday.

There are hundreds of dive sites in Raja Ampat, each with its own unique sights and appeal. Here are some of our favorites:

Cape Kri

Cape Kri holds the world record for 374 fish species seen on a single day by Dr Gerry Allen, a marine biologist. You may also come across different species of sharks, turtles, groupers and barracudas, and a large number of macro life from seahorses to shrimps, octopuses and nudibranchs.

Melissa’s Garden

Home to a vast expanse of hard and soft corals in a variety of colors and shapes, macro life from nudibranchs to pygmy seahorses. There are anemone fish and ghost pipefish, as well as angelfish and lionfish and more.

Blue Magic

Located in the Dampier Strait, a stunning location home to a diverse range of schooling fish species. It’s also the site of a cleaning station for the Giant Oceanic Manta Rays and is popular with Wobbegong Sharks!


This site is filled with hundreds of vibrant corals as far as the eye can see and is home to hundreds and thousands of colorful fish of all shapes and sizes as well as predators like reef sharks and pelagics.

Manta Sandy

Perfect for those who want to observe giant manta rays swooping and gliding about and all around.

Raja Ampat’s Natural Beauty

Coral Reefs Garden in Raja Ampat

To complement its incredible underwater world is the sheer beauty of Raja Ampat above the waves – you can expect sparkling white, black and even pink sand beaches, emerald green waters and topographies that are almost out of this world. We’re talking triangle-shaped outcrops in the hundreds, soaring hills and deep and mysterious jungles home to the world’s rarest creatures.

Full Day & Half Day Tours Raja Ampat

In addition to diving, snorkeling and island hopping, there are other exciting activities that you can partake in while on a diving holiday in Raja Ampat.

When you book your Raja Ampat diving holiday with Papua Diving Resorts, you will also have the option to book a full-day or a half-day tour to the most enthralling locations in Raja Ampat including excursions to Mushroom Islands and Fam Islands. Other activities available include kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, hikes to waterfalls, birdwatching and wildlife spotting. 

Raja Ampat is also home to friendly and welcoming locals with fascinating cultures and traditions that you’re most welcome to witness. Village tours are available for those who are interested.

Diving Holidays Indonesia

A Diving holiday to Raja Ampat, Indonesia with Papua Diving Resorts includes everything you need for a seamless & unforgettable experience. Raja Ampat is made up of hundreds of islands and inlets; Papua Diving Resorts is located on Kri Island, approximately a 2-hour journey by boat from Sorong.

We offer specially curated Raja Ampat diving packages that include transfers to and from Sorong and accommodations at one of our two private dive resorts located near one another here on Kri Island.

Travelers can choose from two different Raja Ampat holiday packages: the Exploration Package and the Unlimited Diving Package. Our standard package (a minimum of 7 nights) includes FREE scheduled boat transfers between Sorong and Kri Island.

Kri Eco Resort Raja Ampat – Exploration Package

Kri Eco Resort on the Raja Ampat Islands Indonesia

This package offers maximum flexibility for those who prefer to spend their holiday relaxing. Activities like diving, snorkeling, massage, or other excursions are available at extra costs. Guests will stay at Kri Eco Resort, authentic Papuan-style water bungalows built from locally sourced materials and are perfectly placed to watch stunning sunsets.


  • All meals + snacks at the restaurant & excursions
  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • 24-hour electricity
  • Free fast WIFI and daily laundry service
  • Free boat transfers on scheduled days

Activities such as excursions to Manta, Hidden Bay Passage & Mushroom Islands, snorkeling with black-tip reef sharks and complimentary use of our Sea Kayaks and SUPs are also included. Spa treatments are available at an extra charge. 

Those who want to maximize their diving experience in Raja Ampat can always book our Unlimited Dive Package. Check out all of our packages, rates, activities and offers or see our FAQ page for more information.

Ready to enjoy a diving holiday Raja Ampat with Papua Dive Resorts? Contact us at: info@papua-diving.com or +62 811 483 46 14 and  book your trip to Raja Ampat with the best rates and inclusions now!